Optimization of mixed-flow grain dryers based on thermal analysis

The drying process is the key element of the technology for secure storage of the harvested grain. Economic significance is appreciable and it affects the effectiveness of many other sectors (e.g. food industry, animal production). However, grain-drying is a flammable technological process. The secure warehousing and the quality of the harvested grain and feeds are important segment of the environmental protection; hence, the quality of the feeds significantly affects the excellence of the animal origin products. The improper drying-process leads to troubles during the warehousing (microbes, dust). But how do we know that the drying-technology is working on an optimal level? This paper introduces a novel measurement method which gives detailed overview of the drying process. There are 15-20 main type of grain driers in Hungary, this paper gives an overview of thermal analysis of the most popular types using a measurement system based on a Hungarian patent. Based on the data from the measurement system precision drying – a new level of efficient drying – will be introduced.
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