Monitoring system for grain dryers to increase the operational safety and warehousing safty,  effective use of energy resources.

Videokontroll use state-of-the-art IT solutions to help the operator to reveal information that was hidden before. Using the system, You can have full controll over the processes running in the modern grain-dryers.


Basic user demand is the evenly dried grain. But grain-drying is a technical, technological and economical issue at the same time. Optimizing a grain-dryer or the drying process itself is a complex task. But we can do more nowadays. Grain-drying can now be precision too. Precision agriculture is more and more present in crop production through soil preparation, sowing, fertilization, plant protection and other technological operations. They are based on location-specific information, which is also available for a grain-dryer.
Precision drying makes the drying process transparent and more secure, that results better quality of the dried grain.

Our services help our partners to achive the optimal operation of grain-dryers. See below for more details.

Videokontroll provides grain-dryer operators with important information on the drying process, it facilitates grain-drying and helps to prevent fire. Using the most up-to-date IT devices and solutions, important information hidden to the operator becomes visible.

Our service allows our partners to fully diagnose the grain-dryer by identifying the existing problems and making recommendations for optimization. It helps to increase the safety and efficiency of the drying process and minimize energy consumption.

Want to build a grain-dryer? Do you plan for the next 20-30 years? Our service is accompanied by planning, requesting and comparing quotations until the finish of the investment. This helps to avoid future problems with the use of the drying plant.

Benefits of the system

  • Fire hazard caused of locally jammed grain, overheating, auto-flammability can be prevented.
  • Reliable to detect the operational failures that can cause inhomogenous dried grain mass, thus the necessery technical corrections can be made.
  • The over-drying can be avoided, that will increase energy-savings and  
    protect the inner values of the grain.
  • Safety of warehousing increases (no dust, no microbes).
  • All of the measured temperatures are displayed on the monitor continuously.
  • Monitoring over Internet by mobile devices.

Huge value must be protected!

The drying process is the key element of the technology for secure storage of the harvested grain. Grain drying is a flammable technological process, but its economic significance is enormous and it affects the effectiveness of many other sectors (e.g. food industry, animal production). However, grain-drying is a flammable technological process. The secure warehousing and the quality of the harvested grain and feeds are important segment of the environmental protection; hence, the quality of the feeds significantly affects the excellence of the animal origin products. The improper drying-process leads to troubles during the warehousing (microbes, dust). But how do we know that the drying-technology is working on an optimal level?

Operating principle

Videokontroll is an industrial temperature measurement system that is able to measure airtemperature more than 500 measurement-points parallel.  It measures the temperature of hot air all over the surface passing through the mass of grain at the time of exit. The system is able to point out the divergence of measurable parameters of grain driers form the optimal level (temperature distribution, heat intensity, grain flow).

Can be installed on Bábolna, Petkus, Stela, Riela, KWA, Bonfanti, Cimbria, Mikrotherm, Neuero, Tornum etc. grain dryers.


think.BDPST Conference

The Ministry of External Economics and the Antall Józsf Knowledge Center orgianized a conferenc in the topic of the research the future innovative technologies. The think.BDPST conference was held in Budepest between 8-10. March 2016. Videokontroll is the only agricultural start-up among the introduced innovative technologies. The think.BDPST is not only about the ideas and their realization,  but it points out the usability of the introduced technologies on the level of civil-society, the public administration resulting the renewal of the economics and the development of the Central European region.